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The Official Website of Professional Wrestling's Premiere Lunatic

Insanity has no boundaries!

Welcome to the official website of “The Slayer”, one of the most entertaining & popular characters in all of independent professional wrestling.

“The Slayer” has been a long-time fixture on the independent professional wrestling circuits since the early 1990’s.

Throughout the past 4 decades, Slayer has traveled far and wide to distant territories… meeting strange & unusual characters… and then beating the hell out of them.

Although still very active, he currently makes appearances limited primarily to the northeastern United States.

What people say…

The Slayer has been tearing up the independent wrestling scene with his unique style of mayhem and disregard for the rules, making him a dangerous threat to opponents, referees, and even himself!

-Scott Franklin-
-WWC Newsletter-

..after a quick Milk-Bone dog biscuit, Slayer will rip into his opponents with a savage ferocity that is astounding. Couple this with a strong aerial attack and you’ll know why Slayer is a dangerous competitor.

-NWA-Jersey Program-
-Spring Breakout 2000-

He’s always immensely popular, no matter where we were wrestling at. He always takes time out to spend with his fans. He’s one of the most genuinely nice guys in all of wrestling, and the fans pick up on this and totally relate to him.

-Father OZ-
-Former Manager


Fun Facts


  • March 21, 1971

Zodiac Astrological Sign

  • Aries

Some Championships Held

(This is not a complete list of all championships held)

  • NWA-NJ Cruiserweight title
  • EWA Heavyweight title
  • EWA Light-Heavyweight title
  • EWA U.S. title
  • APWF tag-team titles
  • UWC Iron-Man title
  • WWC Light-heavyweight title
  • WWC Heavyweight title
  • NWA-NJ Light-Heavyweight title
  • NWS Jersey Shore title
  • NWS Cruiserweight title
  • NWS Tag-team titles
  • UWC Tag-team titles

Memorable Opponents

  • Iron Sheik
  • Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
  • “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez
  • Salvatore Sincere
  • “Pitbull #1” Gary Wolf
  • Sonjay Dutt

Memorable Tag-Team Partners

  • The Patriot
  • Demolition (Ax & Smash)
  • Kamala the Ugandan Giant
  • King Kong Bundy
  • 911
  • 7ft. 2in. Giant Silva

Memorable Managers that led Slayer to victory

  • Father Oz
  • Big Daddy Badd
  • Donnie “V”
  • Dapper Johnny Falco
  • George “the Animal” Steele
  • Ox Baker
  • Captain Lou Albano

Movies featuring The Slayer

Yes, its true. Slayer has appeared in well over a dozen feature films. Here’s a partial list of some memorable ones:

  • Spooked
  • Stereotypes don’t just disappear into thin air
  • Metal Radio K.C.U.F.
  • Dirtbags
  • Metalheads
  • The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (both the original & remake)
  • Night of the Pumpkin
  • Holocaust Cannibal
  • Rap Sucks
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